Top 5 Adventure Places In Moscow Russia


Traveling to Russia for many tourist is an adventure on, its own due to some visa and language complications. Most people limit their Russian trip to visit the main cities, Moscow and St.Petersburg, but what can be more exciting than to go off the beaten track and visit some incredible places and find a perfect adventure for you?

Adventure Activities In Russia


We have put together this concise list  to help you find the absolute best adventure activities in Russia. Trust us, if you like being outdoors, you”ll  love exploring Russia

Climbing Mt .Elbrus


Mt Elbrus is located in the South-West of Russia, close to the border with Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains. Climbing Mount Elbrus is one of the top adventures in Russia and it,s understandable why. What adventure Lover wouldn’t like to conquer the highest European peak, 5640m, especially if you can do it on your own and it costs almost nothing?!. Unlike most of the Seven Summits, to climb Elbrus you don’t need to pay any fee. The climb itself is quite demanding due to weather conditions. It gets quite cold and windy even in summer, so proper gear and clothes is essential.

Diving In Ruskeala Marble Quarry


The marble quarry is about 5 hours driving from St.Petersburg, on the border with Fimland. Marble from this quarry was used in the construction of many of the cathedrals and palaces in the city.It’s quite a well-known tourist attraction, but  now it’s turning into a popular local diving destinations. Turquoise-green water in this huge quarry is quite clear, on a good day. Visibility is more than 18m. Diving here in a way reminds you of  diving the cenotes in Mexico.

Hiking In The Altai Region




Russia is a massive country that offers many different activities and adventures, and of coarse hiking is one of the main ones! . There are hundreds of places, nature reserves and mountains where you can do short and long hikes,but one area in particular is famous for its incredible scenery. Altai is a big area spread between four different countries; Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. The region has some incredible spots for hiking as well as horseback riding and rafting.

Rafting In The Ural Region





The Ural mountain chain is a natural border between Europe and Asia. It stretches from the Arctic Ocean to the deserted areas in south of Kazakhstan. This huge, wild area offers lots of activities for the rapids of different levels. The most popular river for rafting is Vishera. Here you can do a seven-day trip visiting some remote and incredibly beautiful places. Most people do this trip with a company as it’s easier to arrange and plane everything.

Ice Diving in Baikal Lake


  • Diving in the deepest lake in the world is quite exciting, and at the right time of the year. You can  even do some ice diving there!. Baikal is located in the heart of Siberia, so you can imagine how cold it gets in winter-something between -25C and -30C!. The ice reaches 1.5-2m and it’s quite a work to make an ice-hole. Of coarse for this kind of diving you need a dry suit. The dive itself is  between 10 and 30 minutes depending on the diver, with average visibility of 20m. Ice diving in Baikalb

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